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Jeremy's Car Accident 2004

Interesting story. The experience has changed my life.

My son Jeremy was 14 and hanging around with two older kids from the neighborhood, Dave and Brandt. They were all great kids from our current ward and they seemed to be good kids, from good families. Dave and Brandt worked at a restaurant not far from our neighborhood. 

They'd go everywhere together. Jeremy often told me that he had 3 moms -- Me, Dave's mom & Brandt's mom. All moms watched out for all the kids. All three families were active in the church and I'm sure they all had temple recommends because I knew that some of us from the neighborhood were attending on a weekly basis at the time. 

I had no doubt that all three were good friends and I didn't mind them being together, nor did I even give it a second thought about Jeremy hanging around with older kids.

I was teaching Relief Society at the time -- the Enrichment night spiritual lesson. I loved that calling! I wasn't afraid to teach and I enjoyed how things would just come together especially after much time praying and pondering over what I was to talk about. It was truly a spiritual high.

Our ward was split in July 2004 and at the time it was split we were all extended an "across the board release." It was an emotional day in church that day not just because of the ward split, but because of the release from the calling too.

10 days after the split, we had RS night. I was at church making final preparations to present to the large combined group of ladies for the last time. It was very emotional. But I knew I was prepared and wasn't really worried about my lesson. As ladies gathered it became apparent there were a LOT of sisters in the room. It was a large room and it was full. I got up to start my lesson and the most profound spiritual presence came over me and the thought came to me "everything will be all right." Although I was a little confused, I proceeded to give my lesson and I hardly remember what was said. This was about 7:20 pm.

At 8:30pm I got the call. My 10 year old daughter called my cell phone and told me of the accident. She said "The doctor at the hospital said Jeremy is hurt, but he'll be ok." I went home to find my husband was already at the scene (which was about 2 miles from home). He said DO NOT go past the scene. I had to help find one set of parents who were out for the evening with no cell phone. By a miracle we were able to find them and they met me at the hospital. Head wounds bleed -- and Jeremy had a head wound. 

It was a driver-side impact -- the car was t-boned by a large pickup truck with a "lift." and the car was totaled. The car they were in was an older Mercury Cougar. We were told had it been a smaller car we would be having 3 funerals. We believe the pickup ran a stale light -- may have been red -- and rammed right into the kids going an estimated 40-60 mph. Because we had no witnesses we could never place blame on the truck driver.

People in the hospital said our son and his friends could be the next seat belt commercial. I saw the seat belt bruises on Jeremy only that night. He refused to show them to me later. I'm sure they got worse before they got better.

The driver was flown to Salt Lake. He was one miracle after another. He was revived multiple times. The paramedic on the scene had been told by one person that he had been without oxygen for too long while they took the door off and that he should just "call" the death. The paramedic said he just had a strong feeling he should revive him -- and he did. I spoke to the paramedics at the local hospital while Jeremy was being treated and asked about the driver. One said "He's got some major trauma going on...but he'll recover."

Recover he did!  4.5 weeks after the accident he was at church and blessed the sacrament. He still had a long ways to go, but he fought hard every step of the way. It was amazing to watch his miraculous recovery.

I didn't go to sleep for a long time that first night. But I had some thoughts going through my mind but the phrase "they hold the keys to the ministering of angels" kept going through my head. I couldn't remember where I'd heard it -- and WHO held the keys to the ministering of angels. I found it a few days later in D&C 13 and was reminded that Aaronic priesthood BOYS have these keys. These were three worthy good boys. Their parents all tithing paying and temple attending families. I believe that the payment of tithing along with the temple attendance had an influence only because it was what the Lord wanted...and they were healed... just as my prompting had indicated. I also believe I had a "ministering angel" with me that night. 

I believe the accident was for a purpose. One purpose was to draw the three families together. Another was to draw the new ward together. I feel we've been very close as a ward ever since. I had other promptings prior to the accident to tell me that something was going to happen and I was grateful for the preparation I received through those promptings! I'm grateful for the knowledge of angels. I'm grateful for a loving Savior who gave us comfort at that time!

Miracles happen. Angels are real. I'm grateful for that knowledge!

(Originally written in 2007 summarizing notes from my personal journal)

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